Financial Advisory


Our Financial Advisory services arm has made impressive strides over a relatively short period. Financial Advisory is quickly become one our core strengths as an organization. Our advisory services cover Mergers& Acquisition, Capital Formation and Restructuring.

  • Mergers & Acquisition

We advise clients on critical decisions around investments and divestments. We make bold recommendations to clients on their growth and exit strategy to ensure they can continue to leverage their competencies, resources and assets to sustain competitive advantage in the industries they play in.

We believe in protecting the long-term interest of clients. We believe in the preservation and transference of success-critical values.

  • Capital Formation and Restructuring

We help businesses at different stages of growth to source for capital so that they are able to fund their strategy and capture the value they seek to create under fiscally sustainable scenarios. We help clients tell their story – qualitatively and quantitatively; and work them through the rigor of due diligence. We also utilize our wide network to source for smart investments with the right mix of equity, debt and other such creative quasi instruments.

We are also able to advise clients and handhold through debt structuring or restructuring process to keep the balance sheet in great shape and unlock latent cashflow potentials required to provide healthy funding for financing of broad based strategy and corporate growth.

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