Strategic Change Management Execution Services

Per recent estimates, over 60% of strategies are not successfully implemented and in good time. At Enzo, we find that change management can be extremely difficult for an ongoing business. Combining the rigor of daily operations and driving change initiatives can be an arduous task for the key drivers of change within an organization. At Enzo, we do find that for some of our clients, outsourcing the project management office to drive strategic change initiatives is a surer guarantee to ensuring that articulated strategic plans get executed.

At Enzo, we have internal capacity and competence to provide that critical project/program management plug-in to ensure a smooth transition in executing change programs required to achieve set objectives.

Interim Management Services

We have over the years provided this service to some of our clients. This often happens when the skill set required to stir some business units for a period is not needed for the long term. The provisioning of leadership for some business units or divisions can range from several reasons – mostly arising from the need to help the organization navigate through a tough terrain. Very often also some interim roles/ desks need to be created within the organization to serve a certain purpose for period.

One of such roles that may require interim management within certain organizations is the Finance& Strategy desk.

Project and Program Management Services

We outsource qualified Project Managers to clients and organizations. We utilize best practice along with our proprietary and value added solutions developed through varied experiences to serve our clients. Our goal is to always ensure that we exceed the expectations of our clients with a keen focus on cost efficiency.

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