Enzo Business Analyst Apprentice Programme

As part of Enzo Krypton’s broad strategic initiatives and solutions in the human capital space, the company has developed a hands-on business knowledge and skills acquisition learning experience, known as The Enzo Krypton Business Analyst Apprentice Programme.

The Enzo Krypton Business Apprentice Programme is a learn-and-work model that assembles brilliant, willing-to-learn and dynamic young individuals. They will be taught under a flexible office environment and will participate in several tasks, projects and assignments that will be both client-involving and entrepreneurial.

The Programme is a 12 months, paid learning programme, developed to train participants to become business analyst-material, prior to placement opportunities in companies. It is designed to teach the participants requisite business knowledge and skills in seven core functional areas, critical for business and entrepreneurship. The programme is designed with an apprenticeship model, to be hands-on and diverse thereby exposing the analyst trainees to all aspects of business.

The programme is designed to equip its participants with the practical business know-how required to think strategically, solve problems and create value in the real world.

The Conceptual 7 Curriculum

Enzo Krypton has developed a curriculum known as Conceptual 7 (C7), a combination of seven foundational courses confirmed to be requisite for today’s fast evolving business world. These courses include:

  • Business Analysis
  • Business Strategy
  • Analytical, Strategic Thinking and Problem Solving
  • Use of Business Office Tools
  • Business Communication
  • Leadership and Organisation Management
  • Business Environment – Local and Global Awareness

The programme brochure provides more details of the programme learning points, scope, career opportunities and how to apply. Follow the link below to download the programme brochure.

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