Successful businesses run on clearly defined targets. In developing a corporate strategy for clients, we take into consideration a mix of the client’s broad aspirations, the market potential and the internal capabilities and processes required to succeed – beating the market average on key performance metrics.

We make bold recommendations critical to turning around the fortunes of organizations and establishing a clear path for future growth.

We cater to clients looking to either start-up new ventures or restructure existing ones. We help with designing and restructuring portfolios – ensuring there is adequate hedging in a rapidly changing business environment along with deft resource allocation recommendations that significantly increases the chances of achieving above-industry-average growth.

Our Approach

We sit with our clients to understand their expectations while guiding the discussion to ensure the strategic objectives are very clear and well defined.

We carry out in-depth assessment of the business environment where our clients operate to understand the trends, the opportunities, market structure and the competitive landscape. The overall goal is to arm the team with data to be further analyzed to support executive decision making.

We evaluate the current capabilities of our clients against expected business outcomes. We gain a firm understanding of the gaps across productive assets, portfolio structure, human capital, business process and finance. This ensures we are able to engage in robust discussions with clients around clear recommendations.

Jointly with clients, we define what success means in clear measurable terms. We then engage in robust workshops to develop actionable plans with benchmarks towards attaining success. We encourage clients to make bold changes and take bold steps. Often times, we continue to provide agile consulting services to help clients through the change management process which can prove quite daunting.

At Enzo, we believe in the distinctiveness of client needs and goals. Our recommendations are client-centric – keeping faith with the essence and the original seed of greatness.

Human Resource

We understand that the biggest investments that leading companies make is that which is channeled towards human resources. Yet in many organizations, it remains the most volatile where the ROI is tough to measure and corporate losses due to incompetence are tough to quantify. Our goal is to help organizations build a culture that galvanizes a high performing work environment – a happy workforce sold to a mutually rewarding vision in achieving corporate objectives. We understand that there is a critical balance between compensation and productivity and we help organizations strike it.

We understand that talents are a key source of competitive advantage in the marketplace. Organizations with superior talent management framework tend to outperform market average on key performance indicators such as growth and revenue – often reflective of the ability to seize new opportunities and execute efficiently on strategy.

We understand that the efficiency of the people is also dependent on how they are organized to capture value. That there is a need to ensure the organizational structure drives efficiencies across cost, decision making and execution speed – which is required to drive productivity.

We offer a variety of services that cover your talent administration and management needs: Click here to see our solutions.

Our Approach

The people challenge within organizations can be very varied. Our first interest is to help clients articulate the key challenges as relates with talent management and administration. We also try to diagnose and distill what the key pain points are within the organization so that we can build a ship around the key issues required to speed up required change.

Issues around people can be extremely dynamic and we understand that perspectives and perceptions may differ across various levels of Management. Subject to client specific requirements, we excavate deeper to gain a 360o holistic understanding of the challenges. This ensures our recommended solutions are sustainable and the process for tangible change kicks off – under-guarded by the collective buy-in of the key drivers of change.

With proper diagnosis of the key challenges, we then recommend a mix of solutions to clients – some of which we have the competence to execute (Click here to see our solutions). We work closely with our clients to ensure that recommended change programs bear tangible results and aligns with the goals and objectives as initially set out.

Marketing & Sales

We have very strong capacity and competence to help our clients craft winning strategies to drive marketing and sales efforts in the 21st century business world. We have taken keen interest to understanding the dynamics of selling to new and emerging consumer categories whose buying decisions are based on factors very different from generations before. We have converged a cocktail of proven thinking and brainstorming frameworks to develop our own innovative approach to crafting and articulating strategic decisions with respect to marketing and sales.

Our Approach

The first phase after post-engagement discussions is to conduct research and maul through internal client data along with industry and market data for deep understanding of the market trends, competitive landscape, consumer buying patterns, their decision-making journey, consumer channels, segmentation and the size of the market opportunities in monetary terms. Our in-depth market analysis enables us anticipate and project future trends consistent with an increasingly digital world so we can engage clients in robust discussions backed up by tangible data. This also helps us build a backdrop of strategic hypothesis and scenarios applicable to our client’s businesses.

In crafting custom marketing and sales strategy, we sit with our clients to fully understand their current approach to driving sales. Based on data, we then begin to consider the gaps in the current approach or where there is need for improvement. It is a robust engagement that considers various factors critical to sales performance which includes but not limited to the client’s value proposition, the brand value, product and service design, promotional direction and strategy, efficiency of distribution and sales channels, capacity and competence levels of the marketing and sales team, sufficiency of – and the efficiency in – the utilization of marketing budget and a few other buckets.

This is thus given executive expressions and presented to management as the 2nd phase in the engagement for discussions and alignment.

We combine an understanding of sales goals with analyzed data from external and in-company assessment to distill and frame possible solutions targeted at ensuring near-term sales objectives are met; providing quick wins and longer term solutions. Quick wins could either be reducing inefficiencies in current marketing efforts (e.g. buying sub-optimal media); exploring latent opportunities or reorganizing the marketing team for operational efficiency, longer term strategy would entail using our proprietary and general frameworks to help our clients develop capabilities (technology, people, distribution channels) required to grow remarkably, increase market share and also ensure they are positioned to capture future value as the buying pattern of their target market evolves with time. The framing process would also involve considerations around pivoting product design, re-segmenting target markets and calibrating pricing models.

We do not craft this independently of the client. Rather, our style is to work closely with the client and develop key marketing and sales decisions through rigorous brainstorming sessions in scheduled workshops.


In keeping up with the new digital age, we help clients define their digital strategy which is often transformational. The need to digitize processes and customer interactions cannot be overemphasized in the 21st Century business landscape. It is the singular reasons many organizations would lose competitive advantage or go under.

There are several reasons organizations need to continue to keep an eye on the digital transformation of their entire value creation chain. Digital has become a key source of competitive advantage. Digital ensures that businesses can capture critical data required to support decision making on some of the most important and delicate issues in a business.

The right digital strategy can increase operational efficiency by significant margins which would impact positively on both topline and bottom-line results.

An example of an area where organizations need to begin to rethink and apply digital is in the modelling of their products and solutions – aggressively seeking for digital alternatives or replicas of their current portfolios. The disruption in the transportation industry by Uber is simply a leverage on available digital technology. A local example in Nigeria is Wakanow which simply came in with a digital strategy to the travel agency business and is “killing it”. And once you go digital, you need to keep moving as new technologies continue to emerge.

Our Approach

We set out to have a complete understanding of the value chain of our client’s business to gain insight into key operational processes through which our client creates marketable value. We then also conduct detailed inspection of standard operating procedures and process maps where such is available. This helps us appreciate the digital transformational needs and requirements of the organization. We then make clear recommendations and specifications around a digital strategy and the expected results of implementation.

We then conduct detailed research to gain understanding into existing digital technologies already available to address client needs. We gain understanding into the suitability and adaptability of such digital solutions and its ability to scale with the client’s vision.

Where ready solutions are not available to match our recommendations, we will advise on the development of custom solutions to achieve the objective of the exercise.

Collaborating with our clients, we then begin to redefine the internal processes to reflect new digital direction. This entails tweaking of operating procedures or complete overhaul as may be required and redesign of process maps where applicable.

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