Business Process Engineering

Business Process Engineering

This is a very exciting area for us at EK& Co. We help clients transform corporate performance through optimization of their business processes. We also handhold clients through the attainment of ISO certification.

Your business process is a sequence of workflows required to add or create value that would be appreciated by a prospective customer (internal or external). It is therefore one of the key sources of competitive advantage for organizations. It is even more pronounced with multi-branch businesses or businesses with multiple customer touchpoints which requires that service levels remain constant across board.

Your processes also ensure that a quantum of knowledge is democratized and the exit of key resources does not lead to value or knowledge exodus within the organization.

Clients may be to help with the articulation and creation of their business processes; improve their business process or a complete re-engineering of their business processes.

Generally, we have a 3-stage approach with helping clients with their business process.

  • Diagnosis, Current State Assessment and Benchmarking
  • Process Re-design, Mapping and Modeling
  • Process Optimization and Capacity Building

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